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The bullshit behind “I will fight for your rights, but only the ones I care about.”

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Today, I attended the GA2A March for the 2nd Rally and was able to spend some time with gun enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd amendment. This rally showed me many things, but it hurt me to watch it happen. Most of the speakers kept their statements strictly 2A and gun-related—most except Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia.

Kemp’s speech began as speaking on the second amendment but quickly digressed towards crime, backing the blue, and street racers. This brought to thought: it seems as though everybody in the Democratic and Republican parties are just trying to fight for their personal beliefs and morals, but stomp down on every other personal liberty, all while trying to build their power. Enter the opening phrase, “I will fight for your rights, but only the ones I care about,” appears to be the mantra for both parties.

"'ll have to pay astronomical tax rates while asking us permission to do anything"

From the Republicans: “I will fight for your gun rights, but you better not be gay or smoke pot, and you’d better back the blue.” From the Democrats: “I will fight for your right to marry whoever and smoke pot, but you couldn’t possibly own a gun or collect rainwater, and you’ll have to pay astronomical tax rates while asking us permission to do anything.” Both of these begs to question, why not support all of a person’s rights, all of the time? Firstly, everyone’s experiences are different and therefore people will need or want different things. Secondly, if you are going to fight for my rights, you’d better fight for all of them; Like with reading the Bible, you can’t just pick and choose what best fits you, you gotta accept the entire Bible(spoiler alert: there’s a lot of shitty stuff that happens in the Biblical stories).

You know what I call someone who makes it their mission to force others into anger, hatred, and pain, all while convincing themselves that they’re the good guy? Psychopaths. That is what we are seeing more and more when we listen to our elected officials speak, from both sides of the spectrum.

"All your freedoms, all the time."

Just because I don’t smoke pot, doesn’t mean I get to care if Jimmy Bob down the lane does. Just because you choose to not own guns, doesn’t mean you get to send armed people to take mine away. If I am not hurting anyone else, leave me alone. If you are not hurting anyone else, I’m going to leave you alone. Simple as that.

We need to do better. How do we do better? Do your own thinking, learn about each candidate, and fight for your individual liberty, while ensuring your neighbors too. If you want to fight for individual liberty, get involved with your local Libertarian parties and affiliates. See the links below for more details. All your freedoms, all the time. In liberty, Jax.


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