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Regardless of your skill level or knowledge, these services will help you connect to your energy on a deeper level and connect to your divine source, alongside your current spiritual practices.

All prices are suggestions. We will work with your budget to ensure accessibility regardless of possible financial barriers

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Healing Session

45 min       /  $75

1.25 hour   /  $125

2.25 hour  /  $200

Trained in and attuned to Usui Ryoho energy at the Master/Teacher level, Jax will offer a Reiki session that can help you in all areas of life. You may travel to them or they can travel to you (within reason). They also offer distance healing.

Usui Ryoho Reiki is an ancient holistic healing method. Rei translates to Universal, Ki translates to Life Force, or energy, similar to the Chinese "chi" and the Yogic "prana." When attuned to Reiki energy, the practitioner becomes a channel for the universal life force energy, which vibrates at a significantly higher frequency than that of the normal human body. This higher frequency and energetic fueling will assist the body's natural healing ability. Though Reiki is an alternative healing method, it is meant to use alongside your current medical treatments, not in place of. For medical questions, always consult your primary care provider.

When you book a session with Jax, they will lead you through a short meditation, while beginning to channel the energy. After the meditation, they will have you lay or sit in a comfortable position and begin working within your auric field and energy body. Unlike massage therapy, they do not have to touch your physical body at all. You will remain fully clothed and comfortable.

If you are not comfortable with participating in the in-person healing or are not in the Atlanta area, Jax can talk to you about being able to do distance healing which can have the exact same effects from the comfort of your home. If this is preferred, just let them know when you reach out.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

15 min   /   $25

30 min  /  $45

Having worked with the Tarot since 2018, Jax has learned the Tarot as a great divination tool, which helps us connect with our higher selves and spirit guides. They use Reiki energy to cleanse and charge the cards, as well as connect your energy to theirs, each of which allows for more powerful reading.

They use many decks, each of which is based on the traditional Rider Waite deck of 78 cards. 21 major arcana and 52 minor arcana. Each card and spread will assist in providing information that your higher self deems necessary for you to know.

Jax offers in-person and virtual readings.

Energy Consultation

Energy Consultation

Prices may vary, just ask.

Jax has worked with energies since 2018 and Reiki energy since 2020. During your session, they will talk you through the energies that each one of us has, then they will connect to your energy to begin assessing. By the end of the consultation, they will tell you which parts of your energy may need a little extra attention to allow for an easy flow and overall health.

If there are energy blockages, you may experience difficulty in your day-to-day life, as well as with your physical health. When you know where your energy can use a little TLC (tender, loving care) you can begin clearing and adjusting to living a healthier and happier life.


Yoga with Zoe and Jax


1 hour  /   $50

Zoe trained in Baptiste yoga with Dancing Dogs Yoga in Atlanta. Since 2018, Zoe has been teaching vinyasa and yin yoga for all levels. No matter if it is your first class ever, or you have been practicing for decades, Zoe will lead you through a restorative or power practice. Each class is a practice in connecting your body, mind, and soul, and empowering you to live a happy life through physical activity.

Jax trained in breath-based vinyasa with {sacred}Yoga in Atlanta. For Jax, yoga is about more than physical practice alone
 and they lead you down the yogic path with each class. Jax's classes are great for the beginner yogi and the experienced yogi alike. They offer modifications and variations that can make the flow less or more physically demanding, teaching to the needs of the student.

Zoe and Jax offer personal sessions with groups or individuals.


Contact for Pricing


Guided Personalized Meditation

10 min  /   $10

30 min /   $25

1 hour  /   $40

Jax is a certified meditation coach. Practicing meditation is one of the best (and easiest) ways to connect your mind and body. The positive effects of meditation are countless, including reduced stress, anxiety relief, pain, depression, and more.


Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn't trying to silence all thoughts, nor do you need to sit completely still. It is the practice of being present with yourself, no matter where you are. It is allowing your thoughts to leave your mind just as they enter. This can be done by sitting in stillness (most commonly known) or while you are completing daily tasks like walking, swimming, washing the dishes, and more. When well-versed in meditation, you may be able to feel your energies, connect with positive energy around you, or eventually connect to other realms of existence. Meditation will help you connect to your soul and the source of your divine, no matter your religious beliefs.

When you book an individual or group meditation with Jax, they will discuss the preferred benefits and methods with you. Beginning the session, they will prepare the room and the practitioners (you/your group). They will then begin to guide the practitioner through the meditation.

Each meditation session will include an initial consultation, session preparation, space cleansing and clearing, guided meditation, post-meditation practices, and follow-up consultation.

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