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Our Own Kind of Magic, LLC

Let us heal together.

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Jax (They/Them)

Let's heal together

Jax is a queer holistic energy worker. They began working with energy in the metaphysical and mystical sense in 2018. When they began exploring Yogic practices, they began exploring other practices too, working with Tarot, Stones, Crystals, Meditation, and more. In 2020, Jax was attuned to the Master/Teacher level of Usui Reiki Energy Healing. With these attunements, they awakened their intuitive abilities. In 2022, Jax earned their 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification. Their goal is to heal the earth by healing the person. Each healing, no matter how short, heals the community.


Jax is also a photographer with a B.F.A. in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Zoe has been a 200 RYT yoga teacher since 2018. She has trained in vinyasa power flow and yin recovery. Very rooted, she brings a special earthy groundedness to her classes, allowing for a tough but healing practice.

When not teaching yoga, you can find Zoe in a dance class, planning our next camping trip, reading her tarot, cuddling our fur babies, or devouring tacos.


Zoe (She/Her)


"I get a lot of readings but this was a rare one because the reader was incredibly accurate! It really resonated with me. They were also super nice and responsive! Highly recommended."

Dave C.

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